Department of Textile Technology

The Textile Technology Department is the oldest of all the departments and in fact holds the status of pioneering department of the institute. The Department was established on 30th November 1908 as a weaving school with a two year certificate course on offer to cater technical education to local weavers and dyers. Over the years, 3 year diploma in Textile Technology was started in 1938 and 4 year degree in Textile Technology was started in the year 1957 under affiliation of University of Calcutta. A post graduate course in Mechanical Processing of Textiles was introduced in the year 1994 and M.Tech in Chemical Processing in Textiles in 2008. The B.Tech. and M.Tech courses are duly approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Government of India.

The department is well known for its industry institute interaction as well as pursuing fundamental and applied research. The growth of the department owes a strong support from alumni, industry and faculty. The department has industrial and academic collaboration on specialized areas of study and this has positioned the institution as the harbinger of progressive changes and innovations.

The growth of the department is by virtue of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty, strong industry institute interaction and alumni network. The department has fetched appreciable amounts of grants from various Government agencies and non government organizations since its inception.

The huge alumni pool of the department is well established nationally and internationally at various positions in production, quality, maintenance, marketing and entrepreneurship.

The program is designed to provide the students with a thorough background in fundamental concepts of scientific, technological, and management principles, and ability to define and solve challenging problems related to textiles. An essential component of the department’s mission is the development of new knowledge through innovative ideas and the subsequent transfer of this knowledge to both the textile industry and society.